5 Big Money Wins (You Can Do These Without Leaving The House)

NZ Muse
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Have you already ticked off (or are you just plain sick of) super relatable tips like “stop buying coffees and avocado toast”? 

I got you. 

Here are some bigger fish to fry that can start paying off right now. And they don't assume you have a second car to sell or a spare bedroom to rent out!

I’ve personally tackled all of these areas, one way or another, in my quest to get ahead a little faster - so they're tried and tested:

  • Killing off bills

  • Destroying debt

  • Growing your dosh

  • Sharpening up your grocery shopping

  • Monetising what you already have

Best of all ... you don't even need to leave the house. Get started in the comfort of your PJs.

Any move that helps you keep more of your own money in your bank account every month has gotta be a good one.

I want this!


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